WHAT Is Blood Flow Optimizer™

Blood Flow Optimizer's natural, organic formula delivers scientifically researched nutrients that your body needs as its aging, to help heal itself from within, helping promote healthy blood flow circulation, with stronger and more flexible blood vessels.*ˆˆ There are NO reported side-effects or negative drug interactions.

research results - improved blood flow
research results - improved blood clotting
research results - improved blood viscosity

Health Problems Caused By Poor Circulation

Most people don't realize (or know) that poor blood flow is an underlying cause of many disease and illnesses. In fact, it's a sign of accelerated aging.

Heart Attacks & Strokes

For example, people who have healthy cholesterol levels, still have heart attacks and strokes because they have weak blood vessels and poor circulation.

And a common denominator of high blood pressure is again, poor blood flow and "thicker" blood.

So improving circulation, will help lower blood pressure, increase blood, oxygen and nutrients to the heart and mind, and help reduce your risk for a heart attack or stoke.

Memory & Cognition

Or people who have memory problems, dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's or other "cognitive" issues, have poor blood flow throughout the brain.

Which by the way, I have Alzheimer's on my dad's side and Parkinson's on my mom's side of the family! So, this is another reason I utilize Blood Flow Optimizer™ daily.

Vascular & "Extremities"

Poor circulation also affects the vascular system and the "extremities"

Men who have erectile problems or are "impotent" - the cause is primarily a hormonal imbalance (low testosterone), as well as poor blood flow to the penis.

Or if you have cold hands, feet and varicose veins - again, poor circulation is a causing factor.

Muscle, Fat, Skin & Hair

If you have a hard time losing stubborn fat areas (stomach, "love-handles", butt, etc.) - again, poor blood flow to the adipose and fat cells.

Or athletes and bodybuilders trying to gain muscle, the better the blood flow - the bigger the muscles because there are more nutrients, proteins and hormones being delivered directly to the muscle cells.

Your skin (wrinkles), hair (thinning/balding) and eyes -- all require proper blood flow to look, feel and STAY youthful!

WHY I Formulated Blood Flow Optimizer™

Dr. Sam Robbins with Parents
Unexpected photo of my parents & myself.
My dad is 89 and mom is 79 years old.
Fortunately, they take NO medications!

As of 2020, my dad is 90 years "young" and my mom is 80. Both are very healthy and take no medications (I won't allow it!). So I'm very fortunate that my parents are still alive and healthy -- both physically and mentally.

However, we do have a family history of heart disease on BOTH sides of the family. Strokes on my dad's side and heart attacks on my mom's. So, for 20+ years I've done my best to make sure my parent's do everything possible to help avoid anything that can cause a heart attack or stroke.

The reason I formulated Blood Flow Optimizer™ in 2005 for my parents and myself, is because I realized that a primary cause of heart and vascular disease was because of poor blood flow.

The Bottom Line

The fact is that poor blood flow affects every aspect of your health, fitness and longevity! This is why I made sure my parents, myself and my brothers all improve our circulation for a healthier, longer and more youthful future.

HOW Does It Work?

Blood Flow Optimizer™ is the ONLY doctor formulated, "all-in-one" natural remedy, which helps promote optimal blood circulation & strengthened blood vessels.*ˆˆ Blood Flow Optimizer ™ is a small pill that works like "5 products in 1", because it quickly and naturally helps support:*ˆˆ

Summary & Benefits

Calcium, Excess Minerals, Metals & Toxins OUT Of Arteries:*4,5,8-12
BENEFIT: decreases plaque buildup, leading to improved blood flow & circulation.*
Stronger, More Flexible and Pliable Blood Vessels:*1,2
BENEFIT: helps avoid tears and ruptures that can cause a heart attack or stroke.*
A Strong Defense Against Inflammation:*6,7,12
BENEFIT: a major causes of diseases, cold extremities & impotence.*
Proper FIBRIN Function, Thinner Blood & Normal Clotting:*1,4-10
BENEFIT: improved blood circulation & healthier vascular system.*
Fights Free Radical Damage Throughout The Body:*1-5,10-12
BENEFIT: anti-aging benefits, improved skin, hair, nails, memory, muscle size & sex drive.*

Scientifically Proven*ˆˆ

Blood Flow Optimizer's 15+ year powerful formula contains only natural, organic, NON-GMO ingredients, supported by real, human research studies proving both effectiveness and safety.

The optimal dosage and correct herbal extracts are used, to maximize the positive benefits and results. Because of this, improved blood flow & reduction in plaque buildup can be seen and verified in in only 30 days. *ˆˆ

WHY Should I Use It?

Well, the short answer is you want a natural remedy with a proven, long-term track record for safety and effectiveness.

Blood Flow Optimizer Ingredients

If you're like me, you DON'T want to take harmful, prescription drugs. You already know that they will have lots of negative side-effects, they'll lead to more problems in the future and are definitely NOT a safe, long-term solutions.

And like most people, life-style changes probably resulted in minimal improvements in your blood flow (eating healthier, exercising more, stress management, etc.)... or it requires dramatic and strict life-style changes that most people simply cannot stick to long-term.

Feeling & Looking "Older"?...

aging due to poor circulation

One of the most important (and often overlooked) aspects for health, fitness and longevity is healthy blood flow. You see, most people don't realize the fact that your blood contains:

  • Oxygen, which gives life to every cell in your body.
  • Protein, to help repair and grow muscle, hair, skin, organs, bones, etc.
  • Anti-aging hormones, which make you look and feel young.

… And enzymes, nutrients and everything you need to liveTo grow, heal and thrive! This is why healthy blood flow is a "secret" too look and feeling young!

Poor Circulation May NOT Be Your Fault...

causes of poor circulation

Unfortunately, the older we get, the worse your blood flow becomes due to:

  • “Negative” changes & decreases in your “youth” hormones.
  • Heavy metals & toxins found in our foods and environment.
  • Using drugs - prescription, alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, etc.
  • Not consuming the right foods or drinking enough water.
  • Stress, worry, lack of movement and poor sleep.

...All contribute to poor circulation and weak, brittle blood vessels, which increases your risk for diseases and accelerated aging!

So it may NOT be your fault, however... it IS your responsibility to fix and reverse this problem NOW, so you can look and feel younger, while having a long & healthier future!

How Is It Better Than Other Solutions?

Most products seem to claim the same "benefits". But NONE of them have ALL the following:

herbs increase fat burning

I have a family history of "heart disease" (heart attacks on my mom's side and strokes on my dad's). Because of this, I HAD to make sure I used the most-effective ingredients, at the optimal dosages... that were proven safe, offering you a complete "all-in-one" solution at the very best value!

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