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    Benefits → HOW Blood Flow Optimizer™ Works
  • Naturally helps thin blood & improve circulation.1-7
  • Promotes strong, flexible blood vessels.1,2
  • Supports fibrin function and normal clotting.3,8-10
  • Fights free radical damage in your body.1-5,10-12
  • Promotes calcium out of blood & into bones.4,5,8-12
  • Results → WHY Doctors Love Blood Flow Optimizer™
  • Natural ingredients - NO drug side-effects.*
  • Doctor endorse & clinically tested.*
  • 12 year proven formula & 67,414+ happy users.* ‡

Over 12 Years & 67,414+ Satisfied Users

Blood Flow Optimizer Bottle
"Healthy Blood Flow & Circulation"

WHAT is Blood Flow Optimizer™?

Blood Flow Optimizer™ is a scientifically proven remedy, containing natural ingredients with

  • organic herbs & extracts
  • pharmaceutical grade amino acids
  • natural plant-based vitamins and minerals

It’s a vegetarian capsule that you take 1-2x daily with or without food.

Blood Flow Optimizer™ is utilized by anyone who wants to improve their blood flow and circulation because you want a healthier heart and vascular system, in order to help avoid a heart attack or stroke.

HOW Does Blood Flow Optimizer™ Work?...

Blood Flow Optimizer™ is a doctor formulated, all-in-one "healthy circulation" solution that's medically verified to work because it:

  1. Helps naturally thin your blood and helps improve circulation. 1-7
  2. Helps move calcium & excess minerals out of your arteries (better blood flow)4,5,8-12
  3. Promotes strong, flexible blood vessels (helps prevent ruptures and tears).1,2
  4. Provides a strong defense against inflammation (a major cause of diseases)6,7,12
  5. Helps move heavy metals & toxins out of your arteries.11
  6. Supports proper fibrin function and normal clotting (healthier vascular system).3,8-10
  7. Fights free radical damage throughout your body (anti-aging benefits)1-5,10-12

WHY is Blood Flow Optimizer™ Better?...

Blood Flow Optimizer™ is the most comprehensive solution because it helps

  • Decrease the plaque buildup and increase the openings in the vascular system – so you have better blood flow and circulation.6,7
  • Strengthen the walls of the arteries and blood vessels, reducing the chance of a rupture or tear.1,4,5,7
  • Inhibit future buildup of plaque and calcium, which can help prevent a heart attack or stroke.8-10,12

Blood Flow Optimizer™ is a complete, "all-in-one" formula without the negative side-effects of drugs, or the need for multiple supplements in order to achieve the same goal — a healthier heart and stronger vascular system.

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Supplement Facts: 60 capsules; 30-day supply.
Instructions: Take 1-2 capsules daily, as needed.
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